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At Leak Squad Commercial and Residential Waterproofing we are experts in waterproofing all types of foundations. We will ensure your basement remains dry by sealing your foundation with a double layer of protection.

First the foundation is cleaned and any needed repairs are made (mortar joints, parging , damaged concrete , bricks or blocks). If your foundation is flat the wall is primed and blue skin membrane is applied. If your foundation has uneven or concave surfaces, generally found on older stone foundations we would use a trowel grade rubberized tar (AQUA BLOC).

The next step would be to apply SYSTEM PLATON dimpled drain board which will be sealed with tar and termination strips . Next we install new weeping tile and cover it with 1' of crushed stone to ensure proper filtration and aggressive drainage. The trench is then backfilled to desired level and area is cleaned of all debris.

This method will never allow water or soil to come into contact with your homes foundation ever again ensuring it remains dry for generations to come.

Installation services are worry free. We provide full prices up front and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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